Kitty Rainbow Dash

Kitty Rainbow Dash is a social/trading guild our trader is located in Daggerfall.

We have a lot of weekly events.  Raffles, Auctions, Housing Contests, Trials, and many more!

We welcome anyone new, or old.  We love to help new members.  There are no weekly requirements.  Just make sure to be online no longer than 14 days.  If you are gone longer just let @prettypony know.  If you do kicked for being inactive you are always welcome back.

We do not tolerate any type of harassment.  Everyone comes from all walks of life so please show respect. 

Raffles are held every Sunday at 7pm edt.  Auction are every Saturday at 7pm edt.

Killer Rainbow Dash

Killer Rainbow Dash is a trading/social guild. We focus more on trading, but have a lot of social.  Our trader is located in Alinor.

There is a 5k weekly requirement for the guild.  The 5k is a combination of raffle entries, auction wins, sales in guild and purchases in guild.  We will put in a rank  each week.  If you are placed in assassin rank is means you did not complete the requirements for the week.  I will send you a mail to let you know.  You will then be giving on more week to meet the requirements.  If they are still not met you could be removed from the guild.

Every Sunday at 5:30 pm edt, is the Dark Bounty.  It is a free online giveaway.  You just have to be online for your chance to win a prizes.  Prizes will be given away according to your rank in the guild.

Raffles are held every Sunday after the Dark Bounty.  There are two weekly auctions, Wednesday at 9pm edt and Friday at 7pm edt.

We offer a Lifetime membership for both guilds.  It is 1 million gold sent to @krdguild or @krdguild.  With the lifetime membership you will not have any requirements and will not be kicked from the guild.  I may chose to kick if you are being inappropriate.  You will also get 10k a week in raffle entries.  You will also get a gift from me every Sunday.  Each gift is at least worth 10k and up.

For an invite to Kitty Rainbow Dash or Killer Rainbow Dash contact @prettypony 

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